Following a release with New Era® last month, South Korea collective Dadaism Club‘s fledgling 다다DADA多多 label has teamed up with the headwear purveyor for another collaboration.

Tapping contemporary artist Heecheon Kim, the trio put together a cap to mark the end of the year. Set for a wider release following an exclusive Softoffice drop, the collaboration utilizes a black New Era® 9TWENTY base and applies a bold embroidered graphic by Heecheon Kim.

Dubbed “IF多多2020,” the main part of the graphic is “2020” obscured by multi-color muscular figures posing. While the 多多 globe logo accompanied by stars and “Classic Bodybuilding 2020” frames the main motif. The New Era® logo is stitched on left side while “다다DADA多多” is tonally embroidered on the adjustable strap at the rear.

Priced at ₩79,000 KRW (approximately $70 USD), the Heecheon Kim x 다다DADA多多 “IF多多” New Era® Cap is set to release on the 다다DADA多多 website December 31, 7 p.m KST (5 a.m. EST). Catch an exclusive interview with Heecheon Kim regarding the collaboration with 다다DADA多多 below.

How did you come up with the idea?

Personally, I like the way embroidered graphics look on caps. The fact that I can touch the graphic through embroidery and feel all of the textures, makes me appreciate the work that went into creating the cap. That’s why I have collected more embroidered caps than any other item.

The project started with making a cap with detailed embroidery. I thought I wouldn’t just make the graphics, but also add texture through the embroidery. I used a professional program to make the designs.

What made you decide on collaborating with 다다DADA多多?

Unlike other teams, with 다다DADA多多 I was able to talk through my whole procedure. I was not interested in just switching my works to graphics for the cap but I also wanted to make a good embroidery. 다다DADA多多 respected my thoughts and they were very accepting of my ideas and understood my goals.

We have gone back and forth with feedback since the beginning of the year. There were some rough drafts of the design which are now part of the finalized designed thanks to the open communication with the 다다DADA多多 team. I was ready to shift the direction of my designs if they weren’t ecstatic about it, but contrary to my expectations, we came to a good conclusion. From the embroidery design to the campaign images, there was a lot of freedom that I could work with.

Muscular bodies, colorful latexes and bodybuilding poses. These are images we’ve never seen before. Please tell us about the story being the official campaign images.

When people look at the muscular images, I wanted them to feel as if they could touch the textures just by looking at them. By using a 3D modeling program, I was able to make those images into a sensory experience.

As for the four poses on the cap, they were inspired by the signature poses of famous bodybuilders. While I was working on this project, I kept on thinking, “Yeah, caps are for everyone. From bodybuilders to ordinary people, everyone enjoys a good cap.”

2020 is embroidered on the cap as well. How was 2020 for you?

The year 2020 is one I can’t forget forever. It was a depressing year because of the pandemic, but I got healthier by working out in my spare time. However, 2020 will go down in history and so I wanted to immortalize the year on the cap.

And also the cap will be released at the end of this year. A few years from now when we look at the year on the
cap and will be reminded of the past and feel nostalgic. When I was young I would get annoyed when I had to buy some merchandise with a certain year printed on them at a rock festival, but now I sometimes think I should have bought them at that time.

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