Shopping for holiday presents follows a simple flow — identify the giftee, then find a gift that works. But sometimes, it happens the other way around. Making our way through store after store, we end up gravitating toward something without a person in mind, but putting it back on the shelf isn’t an option. Yes, some gifts are that good.

It’s easy to dismiss potential presents-to-be if there’s no obvious future owner. But, sometimes all the fun is in buying the item, then figuring out the lucky winner who gets to have it. Ahead, we’ve rounded up all the eye-catching goodies we’ve come across this season, and the perfect people to give them a home for the holidays. They may seem quirky, but we swear — there’s a bow-wrapped soulmate for everyone on your list.

The Gift: The no-fail low heel, with a secure ankle strap and elegance to spare.
The Giftee: The friend who has been suffering through uncomfortable dates for way too long. This season, give the gift of stylish support.

Prada Logo Bow Embellished Pumps, $642, available at Farfetch.

The Gift: Real-deal cloth napkins that are almost too cute to use
The Giftee: Your friend who loves to host boozy brunches, and was the first to graduate from Solo cups to glassware.

August Morgan Hair of The Dog Cocktail Napkins, $36, available at August Morgan.

August Morgan, $38, available at August Morgan

The Gift: A set of pretty city guides for the new must-travel cities
The Giftee: Your bestie who’s micro-famous on Instagram (or at least is trying to be). Not only is this South East Asia city guide trio for her jet-setting lifestyle better than your overdone guides to London and Paris, they serve as pretty background pieces in flat lays, too.

LUXE City Guides, $50, available at Net-A-Porter

The Gift: A tomate basilic scented candle
The Giftee: That friend who’s really into (read: snobby about) food. If their taste in cuisine often leans towards gourmet, this is a mouthwatering option that won’t disappoint their elevated taste buds.

La Belle Mèche, $36, available at La Belle Mèche

— PAID —

The Gift: A cozy white sweater.
The Giftee: Your roomie who always complains about the apartment being too cold. This pom-accented pullover will warm her right up.

Lou & Grey, $79.5, available at Lou & Grey

The Gift: A pretty monogrammed box
The Giftee: Your deskmate at work, so both of your workspaces get a splash of color.

Anthropologie, $14, available at Anthropologie

The Gift: A stick-on wall decor that doubles as a kid growth chart
The Giftee: The newbie mom in your life who has very specific Pinterest aesthetics. Let them keep track of their kid(s) the traditional way without giving up their cool tastes.

Chasing Paper, $70, available at Chasing Paper

The Gift: A fancy, colorful set of pajamas
The Giftee: Your friend who always opts out of Friday night plans in favor of staying in. At least her late night Instagram stories will look good!

Reformation, $128, available at Reformation

The Gift: A chic carry-all, weekender, and yoga mat holder all in one
The Giftee: This is perfect for your boss who’s well, a boss. If she’s got a killer sense of style and is the type to charge in at 8 a.m. on the dot after an early morning workout class, this bag will make her day-to-day commute so much easier.

Name, $295, available at Name

The Gift: A batch of French girl skin care oil that’s equal parts luxurious and affordable
The Giftee: Your brother’s girlfriend who has an air of cool around her.

Madewell x French Girl, $36, available at Madewell

The Gift: A minimalist Mickey Mouse iPhone case
The Giftee: Your friend who A. really loves Disney or B. is stuck on a nostalgic ’90s kid kick and needs a grown-up outlet for their obsession.

Otterbox, $54.95, available at Otterbox

The Gift: A matcha recipe book and a matcha shaker
The Giftee: Your coworker who blows $5 a day on a Starbucks iced green tea latte.

Gift Boutique, $65, available at Shopbop

The Gift: A set of athleisure essentials
The Giftee: Your best guy friend who swears he “doesn’t want anything this year,” every year.

Allbirds & Outdoor Voices, $125, available at Outdoor Voices

The Gift: A mini does-it-all kitchen appliance
The Giftee: Your college age cousin who just moved into their first off-campus apartment.

Urban Outfitters, $29, available at Spring

The Gift: A bold tone sweater
The Giftee: The acquaintance who’s been telling you she wants to change up her look, but doesn’t know where to begin.

Everlane, $150, available at Everlane

The Gift: A PG-13 Terrarium.
The Giftee: The first-time homeowner still figuring out the feel of the new space. He’s probably too busy picking out a couch to think about the rest of the living room decor.

Twig, $55, available at Twig

The Gift: A feminist graphic tee
The Giftee: The college bestie who’s always retweeting Jenny Slate and and reposting Instagram memes that fight the good feminist fight. x Realm, $58, available at

The Gift: A Champion logo throw blanket
The Giftee: Your cool teen sibling who has interests you haven’t caught onto yet. Instead of deferring to a Target giftcard, go for an unexpected blanket by none other than this cool-kid athleisure brand.

Champion, $50, available at Urban Outfitters

The Gift: Modern charcoil air freshener
The Giftee: The hosts that are taking you in for the holidays when you can’t travel home, so they can get some fresh air and some fresh new decor

Morihata, $68, available at Need Supply Co

The Gift: Bug-eye shades that take a certain type of person to pull off
The Giftee: Your teen half-sister who just decided she’s going to study fashion design in New York City.

Krewe Iris Absinthe 24K, $295, available at Krewe.

Krewe, $315, available at Krewe

The Gift: A fly bomber jacket for dogs
The Giftee: That friend who can never make brunch or weekend getaway plans since she’s too busy sleeping in with her pup.

Eloquii x Katie Sturino, $39.9, available at Eloquii

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