With the new year fast approaching, its time to review what industry experts and outlets are saying about male fashion in 2018. So far, we like what we are hearing, so let’s hope these fashion trends do actually take off. Which fashion trends will you get involved in, if any?

4 Big Menswear Trends for 2018

Long Sleeve T-shirts 

Long sleeve T-shirts have become increasingly popular in 2017, with the trend expected to explode in the new year. There are various types of colours and patterns to choose from, but it is important to remember a few basic rules. Choose neutral colours over bright loud colours.
We’re not saying you can’t add a splash of colour, but be conscious about tones. If you want a pattern, choose one which compliments the design, rather than one which overpowers it. Patterns are increasingly popular on long sleeve T-shirts, however some are so vibrant and cover the entire garment making it look a little messy. Try looking for patterns situated on the sleeves or on the back for example. This Venice Long Sleeve T-Shirt by 304 is a great example of a stylish long sleeve T-shirt. The neutral jet black colour, paired with the small frontal logo design and larger back logo design, offers a smart look which can be paired with a variety of coats and jackets.

4 Big Menswear Trends for 2018

The Colour Red 

The colour red has recently been featured on a variety of menswear catwalks, from London to New York. Industry experts and outlets alike are predicating a boom for red coloured T-shirts, jumpers and coats. Red is a relatively versatile colour, allowing you to choose a shade based on your own individual style; from off orange to deep red – and everything in between. We recommend buying neutral red clothing, as it means you can be more versatile with the rest of your outfit.
You can use a red garment as the statement part of your outfit, so make sure you don’t wear too many contrasting colours.

4 Big Menswear Trends for 2018

Street and Loungewear 

This type of look has featured more and more in the fashion industry over the past couple of years. With 2018 bringing the latest edition of comfortable stylish clothing, such as slim tracksuits and large hoodies. Tracksuits, hoodies and joggers are no longer reserved for your trips to the gym. They’re now more than acceptable shopping in a city, eating at a restaurant or even worn at work. The RJ Tracksuit Set by 304 is a smart and stylish skinny tracksuit option. Its comfortable fit would go well with a graphic tee, or under a puffa coat for example.

4 Big Menswear Trends for 2018

Slim Ripped Jeans 

Whilst skinny ripped jeans have been highly popular for the past couple of years; the new year brings a change in how some are designed. Holes are now being replaced with shreds, and skinny is becoming slim as they make the items more durable and add greater texture. This doesn’t mean that conventional ripped jeans are out, it is just something to consider when purchasing your next pair.

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