The men’s grooming industry now holds a figure of over £1 billion and while a lot of men still see their daily beauty routines as work and not pleasure, there are still plenty of you out there tending to your beard, waxing intimate areas and scouring for are products. We’ve compiled a list of new grooming brands on our radar right now.

5 New Grooming Brands on our Radar

Big Boy 

Given a name, meaning ‘For Big Boys’ this London based grooming brand reflects authenticity and creativity. Big Boy’s grooming days begun in Palermo in Sicily where co-founder Massimiliano Luca Comella worked in a family run barbers. This led him to both London and Dubai where he met business partner Andrius Varabjovas. It was in Dubai where their shared love for grooming blossomed and Big Boy was born. Each product from Beard Wash to Moisturiser draws inspiration from Sicily, made from natural ingredients such as Sicilian olive and almond oil, bees wax and shea oil that work in harmony to protect, rejuvenate and hydrate your skin.

5 New Grooming Brands on our Radar

FreeBird Organics 

In world of increasing sustainable brands, protecting our planet is not just a trend. Free Bird Organics skincare line is all hand made by its founder Roxy. Each product is composed in small batches and 100% organic, packed with essential oils, natural herbs and Vitamin E blends for long lasting healthy skin. Whether you have acne-prone, dry flaky skin or just want a well-groomed beard with a conscious mind on our planet, FreeBird apothecary should be on your radar.

5 New Grooming Brands on our Radar

Beau Brummell 

New York based brothers, Zack and Daniel, have extensive knowledge of the men’s health and wellness industry that Beau Brummell pride themselves on; delivering expertly formed products for gentlemen on the go. Shop between their lightweight moisturiser, formulated from Argan oil that works well on acne-prone skin, while the activated charcoal draws out toxins from your pores leaving your skin revitalised and energised. For true ‘manpering’ their facial mask treatment draws out the skin’s impurities to help improve smoothness that it will become an essential part of your weekly skin regime.

5 New Grooming Brands on our Radar

Guise Etiquette 

Luxury meets sustainability with this grooming collection, boasting comprehensive expertise from diverse backgrounds. Ada and Paul, the brains behind Guise Etiquette want to educate their customers on how to take care of our body’s largest organ, our skin. Simultaneously groom while giving your face the TLC it needs, leaving your skin feeling nourished. Formulated from natural plant extracts and oils, their specialist products will treat and prevent acne while reducing lines and wrinkles.

5 New Grooming Brands on our Radar

Evolution Man 

Celebrity groomer Marco Berardini is revolutionising the way in which men take care of their skin. His aim is to prove the modern men’s grooming regime can be well to do, polished and sophisticated, whilst still being ethical and sensitive on our environment. If you’re after skin care or ways to conceal blemishes Evolution Man can do both, choose between their diverse range with the likes of Cleanse & Shave, Revitalise Eye Gel or Nail Varnish.

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