Earlier this month, we saw the release of everyone’s favorite digital pet device, Tamagotchi, as Bandai Namco Holdings Inc. looked to celebrate its 20th-anniversary milestone. For those yet to pick up the pint-sized gaming gizmo, a new option has recently surfaced for your consideration. Tamagotchi is making the leap to smartphones via a new iOS/Android game titled, My Tamagotchi Forever.

As can be expected, the object remains the same — feed, bathe and take care of the virtual pet. Mini-games will also be included, allowing each player the chance to unlock food, costumes, decorations and other goodies. Although a general release date is said to come sometime next year, it is reported that My Tamagotchi Forever is already available in Canada.

In case you missed it, Nintendo is expected to roll out 30 million Switch units in 2018.

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