After introducing its first-ever category expansion with Pomodoro and spicy Arrabbiata sauces, TRUFF is back to take on America’s number one condiment, mayonnaise. Coming in Truffle Mayo and Spicy Truffle Mayo, the unctuous options are crafted with high-quality ingredients and packed with unparalleled black truffle flavor.

The Truffle Mayo is made with organic eggs, sunflower oil and black winter truffles to deliver umami-packed flavor. Perfect for burgers, cheesesteaks, chicken sandwiches and even fries, the condiment adds an extra layer to any meal. While the Spicy Truffle Mayo takes things to another level with an added hit of red jalapenos for a spicy experience that plays with the richness of mayonnaise without overpowering it.

Priced at $25/2-Pack, the Truffle Mayo and Spicy Truffle Mayo is available now on TRUFF’s website and at Whole Foods Market.

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