In its first-ever surf film Happy Recluse, Arc’teryx spotlights the unique appeal of finding the best cold-water waves, as seen through the eyes of pro surfer and brand ambassador Pete Devries.

Accompanied by photographer Jeremy Koreski, the pair of long-time parters set out on Vancouver Island. Devries shares why he calls himself a “happy recluse,” at home in the harsh and calm of cold water. “It’s raw, it’s stormy, the conditions rarely align. No one’s going to tell you where the good waves are, it’s hard-earned lessons that get you there. The cold isn’t for everyone — but it’s for me,” he says.

The nine-minute film, shot and produced by Nate Laverty, was created over a series of trips at the end of 2020, according to Koreski. “The weather and waves mostly cooperated, but like so many exploratory surf trips, we caught a glimpse of what we were looking for, just enough to keep us wanting more,” Koreski wrote of the trip on his website.

As of January 27, Arc’teryx has also pledged to make access to nature — and outdoor activities like this — more accessible to those who are often excluded from experiencing its benefits. For the “Outer Peace” initiative, Arc’teryx has committed $1 million CAD ($783,000 USD) towards dismantling barriers, aiming to support 120 young people in outdoor therapy counseling and reach 300 people with outdoor work programs.

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