ARHITEKTURA has announced its latest project, Chair CC20: a sculpturally-minded furnishing with practical purpose.

The Slovenian design firm ARHITEKTURA is renowned for monolithic architectural endeavors which draw on principles of subtractive sculpture and others inspired by artistic practice. And it appears these sensibilities has translated over to the realm of home furnishings.

Chair CC20’s design is incredibly simple: nothing but the essentials. The slender backrest is made from a curved metal rod which sweeps down to form the front two legs and its delicate seat is supported at the rear by a single third leg. ARHITEKTURA explains it sought to emphasize the plasticity of metal with this design, maintaining the material’s strength and stability while subverting its normal connotations of rigidity by introducing harmonious lines and “simple modernity.”

ARHITEKTURA also thought-through the entire course of the chair’s life span, function-first. While it’s in use, Chair CC20 is elegant yet practical and sturdy yet easily moved with just one finger. But when it comes time to retire it from use, the chair (which is constructed from only one metal) can be melted back down and recycled into something new.

And, in the realm of wooden chairs, 19 Chairs has announced its list of annual charity initiative participants including Nicole McLaughlin, Es Devlin, Tom Dixon.

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