Munich-based lawyer and photographer Philipp Wulk has created two custom variations of the BMW K100 motorcycle, a bike known for its bulk. In order to achieve a more streamlined effect, Wulk enlisted the help of friends Matthias Pittner, Ralf Richter, Fabian Gatermann and Matthias Edlinger to conceive unique renditions. While Pittner was responsible for retooling each bike’s subframe, Gatermann and Edlinger were in charge of applying their artist’s aesthetic to the bodywork.Gatermann’s grey version, whose fuel tank and cowl were replicated in CAD, is hand-painted with mesh polygons, while Edlinger wrapped his kit in paint and collages. Additional details include custom wheels, an 8cm drop up front and Wilbers shocks in the back.Together, the collective forms Impuls custom motorcycle company.