As fantastic as turntables can be, their design has remained largely unchanged for about a century. This Atmo Sfera Platterless Turntable’s design is unlike any we’ve seen, with a focus on vital components using high-quality materials. But what really causes it to stand out is the absence of a traditional platter combined with a low-torque motor. This leaves the record almost floating while it spins. It also features a carbon fiber tonearm and has an integrated design that eliminates the need for cartridge setup or the need to buy a phono pre-amp or amplifier. Amazon’s Echo speaker has steadily grown in usefulness since its introduction, gaining the power to do things like order up an Uber car, check with Automatic to see if your car needs gas, and even order you a pizza from Dominos. Now the Amazon Tap Speaker is ready to give you all that power on the go. As the name suggests, you need to tap the microphone button to use it’s Alexa-based interface, most likely to preserve battery life — you get a healthy nine hours of playback per charge, and it comes with a wireless charging base. Like the Echo, it’s only going to get smarter over time, but you can still use it as a “dumb” Bluetooth speaker, and once you have your Tap, you can use it to buy the new hockey puck-like Dot and give these same voice superpowers to the dusty old speakers you already have.Like an iPod shuffle for streaming, the Mighty Spotify Player lets you enjoy your playlists without the need for a larger device. The 1.5-inch square device clips easily onto clothing or accessories, and has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for syncing your music from Spotify and then streaming it to your headphones, no wires required. It’s drop- and water-resistant, holds up to 48 hours of music on a 2GB flash drive, has five hours of playback per charge, and uses an Android base to run the official Spotify app in the background, only instead of a screen, you use the physical buttons for control.