Sometimes fashion is weird and doesn’t make all that much sense, but it’s this expressive nature of the industry that also makes it so special. And if anyone understands this it’s Pyer Moss designer Beate Karlsson who creative directed AVAVAV‘s Collection 2 that focuses on repurposing fabrics from luxury brands such as Fendi, Burberry and Jacquemus into wearable clothing and footwear.

“As I saw these stocks, I felt the need to include them in our drop. Here was this trademarked fabric from the most luxurious brands of the industry up for grabs, so I decided to put them in the collection”, Karlsson says when reflecting on the new assortment. “Not least because I think it raises the question of what would happen with them if we weren’t allowed to use them.”

The Florence-based brand’s capsule takes sustainability to a new level and is repleted with deadstock patchworks which are embedded into the brand’s monstrous four-toed shoe silhouettes, a cut-out dress that features classical checker graphics and an FFFF-adorned coat. One pair of thigh high boots in the collection comes prepared with 33% of Burberry‘s signature plaid blended up with Jacquemus‘ teal jade teal patterns.

If interested, you can now shop the entire range via AVAVAV’s online store while supplies last.

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