Chance The Rapper showed off his diverse array of talents last night — becoming the first non-signed artist to host and appear in an episode of Saturday Night Live. The multi-talented Chicago Rapper wrote and performed a number of hilarious sketches and even had the chance to bring out fellow rap star Eminem to perform his new single, “Walk on Water.”

The three-time Grammy winner kicked off the show’s signature monologue section by singing an amusing song about awkward Thanksgiving dinners that joked about ultra-woke cousins and not-so politically correct uncles. Over the next hour, the 24-year-old would perform a number of skits that were all amusing in their own right. Along with another entertaining song called “Come Back, Barack,” Chance played a Gotham teenager confronting Batman in a skit that discussed police brutality, a pizza delivery guy in a parody porn film, a goofy Family Feud contestant, and numerous other roles. In short, it was a masterclass that showcased Chance’s seemingly endless talent.

You can watch the brilliant opening monologue in the video above and find the rest of the show over on NBC. Keeping with Chane The Rapper, the Chicago native admitted that he wishes he could spend more time with Drake.

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