Beach House‘s new album 7 is one of the best projects of 2018 so far. Recently, the Baltimore pop duo release the video for “Drunk In LA,” a standout off the LP. The video was directed by Spacemen 3’s Peter “Sonic Boom” Kember, who co-produced the entire LP. The music video was filmed in Portugal.

“While mixing the record with Alan Moulder in London, we were out having dinner and Pete mentioned an idea for a video where the viewer is always looking up from the ground. This became the ‘Drunk in LA’ video,” the band explained in a statement. “When he sent it to us, we complimented and commented on the trippy, dreamlike nature of the video and he wrote that it was essentially just a day in his life.”

Along with the visual, Beach House shared a new remix of “Black Car,” which is also off the LP. The remix comes courtesy of Sonic Boom. “We have never had a remix, but we thought it would be cool if Pete did one,” Beach House said. “We really like the one he did for ‘Black Car,’ because it feels like a different song, focused largely on voice and arpeggio. It feels like a poem this way, and the minimal treatment highlights the lonesome quality of the song.”

Watch the “Drunk In LA” video and listen to Sonic Boom’s “Black Car” remix below.

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