There’s always been a resale market for Pokémon trading cards, but its size and value grown significantly over the last year — thanks in part to high-publicity sales to public figures and a number of steep auction prices at major houses.

HYPEBEAST spoke to several experts and collectors about what to make of this seismic rise in the latest episode of Behind the HYPE, dedicated to understanding the business strategy that goes into Pokémon trading card collection and resale.

Trading cards have been rising in popularity across the board. eBay has recorded a 574 percent increase in Pokémon card sales in 2020, and basketball, baseball, Magic: The Gathering and football also rose in popularity. While thinking of cards and other collectibles as an “investment” may still feel a reach for some, the industry is well on its way, especially for a younger demographic, as an alternative entry point in lieu of stocks or real estate.

Watch the full episode above and check out other entries in the Behind the HYPE series, on the Patek Philippe’s 5711 stainless steel Nautilus and the Louis Vuitton monogram.

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