Porsche landed itself a 60-second Super Bowl commercial slot this year, its first time advertising during the game in a long, long time, and it didn’t waste the opportunity. Its spot was a cinematic car chase dubbed “The Heist,” in which a new Taycan Turbo S EV goes missing from the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, Germany—and the facility’s security staff gives chase in a gaggle of historical Porsche models, from a 917K Le Mans racing car to a 918 Spyder to even the blue 911 Carrera S from the new Bad Boys III movie.

The commercial is fun—you should watch it here, along with the rest of the Big Game’s automotive spots—but how it came together is even better. We were granted behind-the-scenes access to the 110-person, six-day production to show you how all the action was sequenced, the challenges of an automotive ballet consisting of millions of dollars’ worth of historic vehicles, and, of course, how it all was affected by Germany’s cold, wet weather. Nothing was balled up, and Porsche even digitally snuck in a preview of the new 911 GT3 in one scene (at the 18:13 mark in the video below, and you can see what car was physically there at 7:49). Enjoy!

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