Flint, Michigan born and current Houston, Texas mailman by day Bfb Da Packman may already have one of the best rap songs of the year in “Free Joe Exotic” alongside Detroit’s own Sada Baby (whose recent and unexpected rise to prominence is due to a viral TikTok craze centered around his hit “Whole Lotta Choopers”)

Bfb frequently raps about his self-esteemed and being overweight — his lyrics contain some of the best one-liners in the game: “My b*tch about to leave me ’cause I’m built like Patrick,” he raps on “Made Me Mad.” His self-awareness and ability to lean into his sense of humor makes his originality and star potential seemingly limitless. Now larger artists are starting to take notice. On Friday, Bfb connected with Wiz Khalifa for “Fun Time” and it’s exactly that.

“She think all fat n*ggas trick, she better call Jerome/ Snyder gave us poisoned water, but we call it home/ I dissed my pops, but I pray he leave that crack alone/ I did a song with Teejayx6, the feds tapped my phone,” he raps. Wiz Khalifa holds down the end of the song, but of course it’s Packman’s show. While his 2020 campaign has been full of loosies and one-off singles, Bfb’s 2019 mixtapes Std and God Blessing All the Fat N*ggas are worthwhile listens.

Stream “Fun Time” below. In more music updates, Tyler, The Creator took to Instagram and Twitter to urge his followers and fans to vote in the upcoming 2020 U.S. Presidential election.

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