Billionaire Boys Club‘s gaming partnerships continue; hot on the heels of its Call of Duty collaboration, the lifestyle label has introduced a duo of Master Chief-inspired shirts. This Halo drop comes just in time to commemorate the debut of Halo: Combat Evolved, the first game in the series which launched on November 15, 2001.

To recognize one of the Xbox‘s best-loved protagonists, BBC has prepped a set of limited edition shirts emblazoned with the Master Chief himself. A black shirt features the Spartan super-soldier in full, while the rear offers a simple BBC logo. Its white counterpart is realized with a stylized illustration of Chief’s helmet, elevated with a splashy camouflage pattern in line with BBC’s graphic history, which also graces the branding on the rear. Appropriately, only 117 pieces of each shirt will be available, reflecting Chief’s John-117 call sign.

The special Halo shirts drop at Billionaire Boys Club’s website and flagships in New York and Miami on November 7, retailing for $60 USD apiece.

Most recently, The Hundreds honored Microsoft‘s gaming console with its Xbox-themed capsule.

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