Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics has officially announced the official release of Black Panther: War of Wakanda, an expansion set to hit Marvel’s Avengers by the end of 2021. The addition of Black Panther marks the game’s biggest content update since the game’s last launch in September 2020.

The expansion will not only include the Black Panther but his native home of Wakanda as well. The game will feature Wakanda’s luscious jungle biome, a new range of enemies and Vibranium thief and supervillain Ulysses Klaw. War of Wakanda sees Klaw working alongside AIM to steal Wakanda’s most treasured resource. Black Panther makes his debut for the first time on Marvel’s Avengers as a playable character, potentially battling with Klaw himself down the line.

The recent official announcement comes after a leak of the game files revealed the launch of the expansion. Though an expansion, it is unclear whether or not fans will need to pay for the update or not. Those curious can check out the trailer for Black Panther: War of Wakanda below.

There is currently no further information regarding the exact date of when the expansion will arrive.

In other gaming news, Disco Elysium: The Final Cut is headed for consoles.

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