if the sudden release of Bladee‘s latest record, 333, wasn’t evidence enough that the Swedish creative likes to surprise his fans with new content, then the unexpected premiere of the music video for “Reality Surf” should make it clear. An appropriately retro aesthetic informs the visuals, which loosely coincides with the song’s final utterance: “My life is a cartoon.”

Animated by Nam Mac, the video sees an Animal Crossing-like figure — presumably an analogue for Bladee himself — strolling out of its house and through a nearby forest. A sprite vanishes and reappears as a giant, swooping the cowering figure up to the gates of heaven, where it’s embraced by angelic figures. The 2000’s-era renderings — which recall 32- and 64-bit video game consoles like the PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 — are saturated with color, coinciding with clip’s (literally) uplifting imagery and “Listen to your heart” refrain.

Watch the “Reality Surf” video above and listen to 333 in full below.

Elsewhere, Rich Brian and eaJ premiered their own digital music video for “Love In My Pocket.”

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