Blundstone have recently opened a pop-up store in London’s Covent Garden area.
The store represents a significant step forward for the brand and the continuing worldwide growth of the humble boot from Australia. Since 1870, Blundstone has been making tough, quality boots that are equally suited to work or play. As a brand Blundstone represents action and initiative, no one puts on Blundstones to stand still. The new 600 sq ft store brings to life Blundstone’s vision to inspire people to explore their world, their way.

Blundstone Launches London Store

White walls are covered with minimalist wooden shelves finished with black
detailing. The rear of the store features a floor to ceiling countryside
landscape in contrast to the concrete accents surrounding the store. Ferns
line either side of the shop floor, emphasising the town and country
adaptability Blundstone provides. We caught up with the brand at their official launch party to find out more…

Blundstone Launches London Store

Tell us about Blundstone and how it began 

“The Blundstone story started back in the 1800s when two English families, the Blundstones and the Cuthbertsons, arrived in Hobart, Tasmania and set up separate manufacturing businesses. In the early 20th century, the Cuthbertson family bought the Blundstone business. They decided to keep the Blundstone name because of its long association with quality and reliability. Today the Cuthbertson family still own Blundstone and the names continues to inspire confidence in a quality product. While we remain a Tasmanian family business our boots are now worn and loved the world over.” 

What has inspired the boot design? 

“In the late 1800’s shoe making and selling were significant businesses in Tasmania with over 250 shoemakers in the colony. The boots required in Tasmania in the late 1800’s needed to be sturdy, durable and quality products to stand up to the elements and use. The original boots were leather lace ups for men, women and children. Today Blundstones iconic look is an elastic side boot. Blundstone started making Chelsea in the 1960’s. The Blundstone brand means different things to different people. The history of Blundstone has been about delivering products that are needed. Just as materials evolve, so have tastes, and what was once considered a working man’s or farm boot in Australia, is now seen parading down a fashion runway. We’re responding just as we always have, adapting to our loyal fans and new consumers around the world. Blundstones breadth of boots the world over is testament to the variety of products available from award winning innovation in safety boots to the classic boot in comfort and style, the most popular boot of today being the #585. Blundstone products are worn on dairy farms in New Zealand all the way to the streets of New York.”

Blundstone Launches London Store

With an outdoors appeal, who is your typical customer? 

“Blundstones are not a boot that you wear to laze on the couch, we know that when you pull on a pair of Blundstones, you set out to do something. Our boots enable people in everyday adventures, in style and comfort. Boots are now a fashion staple for all season and people, a typical customer of Blundstone is an active one.” 

You’re opening up a pop up in Covent Garden; tell us about this space and what attracted you to the area 

“Covent Garden is a great place for an international brand like Blundstone as its popular with tourists and Londoners alike, providing a fantastic ‘window’ to the brand both in the UK and globally.”

Blundstone Launches London Store

Do you have plans to open any more premises in the UK? 

“The pop-up store in Covent Gardens will be a great way to test the market, we currently don’t have plans for a permanent Blundstone premise in the UK. We work closely with our distributor Central Trade and will continue to discuss the best way to target and engage with our customers in the UK.”

Article by Menswear Style

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