Based on a K100 from 1985, the BMW K100 Impuls K101 Motorcycle takes a three-decade-old bike and brings it firmly into modern times. Impuls worked with artist Fabian Gatermann, who scanned the motorcycle in 3D, modified the structure, then created a series of polygons for the gas tank and seat which were then replicated in real life by hand. The result is a merging of digital and manual techniques that’s fitting for a bike that has its roots in the past yet is perfectly suited for the future.If you’re going to customize a Triumph Bonneville Standard, you might as well go for broke. This Ducati Miss Moneypenny Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle is a collaboration between Marcos Martines and Ducati Triumph NYC that was hatched when a client wanted something original he could ride and park in his living room. The fuel tank, headlight, bucket, inner ring, skid plate, and fenders were all removed and replaced with shiny copper while a custom leather seat was created using a British Customs seat pan. As appealing as Monneypenny herself, and optimized for the streets of NYC thanks to suspension modification, adjustable springs, and piggyback shocks.Although it may look vintage, the Rokon Trail-Breaker Dirt Bike is anything but old. The classic 60’s frame has been updated with a patented AutoGrab front suspension, making riding on mud, sand, or snow feel almost as smooth as asphalt. A pair of wide tractor tires with all-wheel drive capability can handle any terrain, while a set of hollow drum wheels can provide floatation or storage for over two gallons of fuel or water to help get you way off the beaten path.