Following its Casio G-SHOCK collaboration, C2H4 offshoot Chemist Creations has returned to unveil its latest team up with LAVA MUSIC. Looking towards expressing its minimalist viewpoint on a diverse range of lifestyle products, Chemist Creations has put together a set of LAVA MUSIC LAVA ME 2 Guitars.

Coming in “Coral White” and “Green Chaud” colorways, a total of 999 units will be released worldwide while a limited number of 350 will be released in China. Each special guitar is laser engraved with a number and comes complete with a USB cable, matching Ideal Strap, Ideal Bag 2 and Ideal Picks.

Crafted with AirSonic carbon Fibre, the LAVA ME 2 guitar features a futuristic shape created using LAVA MUSIC’s proprietary unibody injection molding technology. The softened shape of the musical instrument is marked boldly with Chemist Creations contrast branding.

LAVA MUSIC’s all-new FreeBoost Technology uses the rear surface of the guitar as a speaker, for acoustic expressions. The technology allows a player to adjust the Reverb, delay and volume on the pickups without plugging the guitar in. The LAVA ME 2 also features a built-in mic for louder displays.

Priced at $900 USD, the Chemist Creations x LAVA MUSIC LAVA ME 2 Guitar is set to release on Chemist Creations’ website August 4, 10 p.m. PST.

Additionally, Chemist Creations will also be launching a digital song, titled “1/5.” A first for the brand, the track is composed and written by Yixi, founder of Chemist Creations and C2H4, and performed with a LAVA ME 2 collaboration guitar.


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Chemist TV ‘1/5’_ 五分之一_Episode 2 @lavamusicofficial Special Thanks to: @vannesswu

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Chemist TV ‘1/5’_ 五分之一_Episode 1 @lavamusicofficial

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