Jensen International Automotive sub-brand Chieftain is known for its restored Land Rover and Range Rover classics, and its latest design is the unapologetically brutish Range Rover Xtreme.

The Xtreme part of its name comes from, well, nearly everything going on. Underneath the custom full-body restoration — which in itself features a two-door design, a daring “Bahama Beige” and black color scheme, side-exit exhaust pipes, and six-spoke rims — you’ll find a GM 6.2-liter supercharged LS3 V8 engine that produces 700 HP.

While official figures of this model have not been released, TopGear reports that the un-supercharged LS3 engine that produces 430 HP is good for 0-60 MPH in 5.2 seconds and 130-plus MPH top speed. As this is packing 700 HP, it’s easy to assume the Xtreme will do the same sprint in around four seconds, with a possible top speed of 150 MPH factoring in the SUV‘s aerodynamics.

All of this power is harnessed by a re-worked chassis, a new independent suspension, an AP Racing braking system, and much more. No word has been said on how much this costs, but expect it to be a few hundred thousand dollars at the very minimum if Chieftain’s “standard” model starts at $185,000 USD. Few are set to be built with each based on their own customer commission, and for those interested, you can head over and inquire on Chieftain’s site now.

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