Christos, the New York-based label founded in 2017, is bringing us ever closer to sanctity with its latest collection. The Fall/Winter launch takes fans on a design voyage through the streets of New York City with its focus on versatility and a striking balance between tailored garments, streetwear, leisure and high fashion. With an emphasis on tailoring, material altering and custom-developed fabrics, Christos is delivering direct-to-consumer pieces that organically speak to the individual who wears them.

Created with a religious influence, the label continues to hone in on the overlooked beauty of archaic religious art within its clothing. It’s a staple part of the Christos brand identity, portraying ancient art through new palettes and silhouettes, simultaneously giving new life to abstract meaning. The Fall/Winter collection hinges on giving customers elevated style they can wear for any occasion and also spreads a message of positivity and grace. After all, clothing is a benefactor of creative expression and individuality. With materials sourced from Japan and Italy, Christos is challenging the notion of high price points for high fashion vehemently within the collection and it has seemingly paid off.

Head to Christos’ website to shop the Fall/Winter collection, which is available now.

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