Colmar’s collaborative collection with White Mountaineering is now available to purchase after first being presented last February at Paris Fashion Week. The range denotes the great harmony between the two brands in the world of outerwear, performance-orientated for both urban and outdoor contexts.

Founder and Creative Director of White Mountaineering Yusuke Aizawa is internationally known as one of the most important Japanese influencers across fashion and design. On the other end, Colmar has laid the foundations of style in the Alpine World – skiing in particular – molding a whole industrial fabric suited to the sport.

The result is a collection that sits in the intersections between streetwear and high-performance, blending the technical and functional with the style-orientated and experimental. Pieces from the range are in turn versatile and multifunctional, equally suited for the city and the natural environment.

The collection consists of a set of jackets – long parkas and shorter iterations – made from technical fabrics, filled with padding or down, and coming completely waterproof. The story of the collaboration is on a Tyvek label inside each piece, acting as a tribute to the enormous Colmar archive from which the ideas for the design have been taken. Other pieces include sweatshirts, T-shirts, soft trousers, and a selection of peaked caps and wool beanies.

Check out the campaign video and images shot by HYPEBEAST above and head to Colmar’s website to shop the collection.

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