As one of the wrestling industry’s longest-tenured veterans and one of the elite few chosen for the WWE Hall of Fame, Diamond Dallas Page has plenty of words of wisdom to share with others. However, for a newly-published piece for The Players’ Tribune, DDP decides to deliver a special letter to his “younger self.”

Penning a pretty expansive piece, the 61-year-old icon takes readers on a chronological journey from his childhood all the way to his elder years. Beginning in the middle of a traumatic experience with a car crash and concluded during a period where he helped some of his fellow wrestling legends defeat their demons, DDP’s letter traces his life from a doctor’s office in New York City all the way to professional wrestling’s most revered venues. Luckily, for Diamond Dallas Page, what began with a violent near-death accident ends with the fulfilled peace of old age, something only a handful of similarly-talented, larger-than-life wrestlers have been fortunate enough to see. As DDP eloquently puts it:

To be honest, I’m still not sure about this whole “letter from the future” thing. Part of me thinks that I should have just left you to figure it all out for yourself.
But then there’s another part of me, I’ve gotta admit … that’s glad I did this. Because I really just want you to be proud of me, kid. I want that a lot. You’re the only person in this world that I can talk with … or confide in … or ramble to … about all of these things that I’ve done. And though I haven’t been perfect, far from it … I hope you’re proud of me for writing this, still — and for one reason most of all.

I have a younger self to write to.

Which means that somehow, Dallas, someway … you managed the single most difficult move that you can pull off as a professional wrestler — and maybe, go figure, the only thing you ever really wanted out of life to begin with.

You got old.

You can read through Diamond Dallas Page’s letter to his younger self at The Players’ Tribune.

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