Justice League hit theaters last Friday just in time for Thanksgiving holiday. Despite its timely release, the film grossly underperformed reeling in a mere $94 million USD. According to Looper, here are a few reasons why the franchise resulted in the smallest opening of all the DC movies.

“Rush to the finish”: While Marvel built rapport with standalone superhero films before the release of The Avengers, DC’s inchoate introduction of central characters Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg may have resulted in a lack of emotional interest for would-be movie-goers.

“Bad press”: The combination of Ben Affleck accused of sexual misconduct, critics questioning director Zach Synder’s deficit of spontaneity and uproar over the scanty reinterpretation of Amazonian, negative publicity snowballs into a strong repellent.

“Superhero saturation”: Audiences are superhero’ed out. With The Punisher launching on the same day as the DC jam and wildly popular Thor: Ragnarok released a few weeks earlier, fans might not be looking for another superhero adventure.

Watch the video above for the full list of reasons.

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