The Berrics first profiled Las Vegas-based DIY skate renegade Richie Banks during the construction of his Great American Dirt Farm park. Now, the Steve Berra/Eric Koston-helmed media outfit has returned with a new video featuring Banks’s recent creation: an out ledge/rail spot on the Vegas outskirts. After moving from New York to Las Vegas, Banks quickly become a fixture in the Sin City skate scene thanks to his tireless dedication to building DIY skate spots on unused land — small here today, gone tomorrow community centers of sorts for area skaters.

In the new video, Banks and his crew head to Henderson, Nevada, a town that sits roughly 20 minutes outside of Vegas. Banks mentions that he’s been collecting money for a new skate build since his first The Berrics video, and also notes that although Henderson’s police force is notoriously strict, building the spot is an undertaking he’s willing to tackle.

Local skater Chris Dunne notes that the spot Banks is bolstering has been around “since he was a child” and is frequently cleared out, so it’s “cool to see the [classic spot] re-created.” After quickly building the park, Banks and his crew joyously session the rails, ledges and gaps they’ve bolstered, garnering as much footage as they can.

See the full video above, and for more skate content check out Tony Hawk‘s recent trip to the Berrics to attempt what he calls his “dream trick.”

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