It’s a great time to be in the market for elevated anime apparel. First there was BAIT’s One Piece capsule, now LIBERE is dropping collection directly inspired by the garms worn by the cast of Naruto. The Japanese streetwear label’s goods encompass a host of outerwear, shirts, trousers and accessories that thoughtfully tap into the Naruto universe, as seen in an illustration created by Naruto: Shippuden studio Pierrot of Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Shikamaru, and Itachi actually wearing the pieces.

Ultra high-necked zip shirts, functional parkas, convertible cargo pants and technical crossbody bags are all laden with appropriate verbiage (“UCHIHA ITACHI,” “FOR NARUTO,” “SHADOW RULE”) to make the source material especially clear. Loads of pockets and straps — even the hats feature extra-long closure at the rear — are both true to the inspiration and genuinely useful, drawing from real-to-life militaria to realize LIBERE’s vision of “Street Ninja Style.”

There’s also a plethora of more casual graphic T-shirts and caps, some of which feature colorful renderings of the characters atop their boxy silhouettes. Subtle 3M accents boost nighttime visibility, admittedly cutting down the stealthiness but keeping true to the street-centric design cues.

All of the Naruto-inspired wearables are available for pre-order Libere’s web store until April 28.

Even more anime-inspired items have been hitting stores as of late, including New Era’s latest Dragon Ball collaboration.

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