UNITED TOKYO is a young Japanese label focused on providing men and women with wardrobe staples, all made in Japan. The craftsmanship accentuates the effortless styling of the goods, which are offered relaxed, contemporary cuts.

Understated, wearable items are the core of UNITED TOKYO’s output, taking cues from classic European styles. Long double-breasted coats and unstructured blazers are paired with slouchy pants and trim turtlenecks to help balance the layers. Subdued patterns accent the muted color palette, while collarless leather jackets shift the proportions towards a slimmer cut. The brand leaves no element of the wardrobe bare, with slim slip-ons and chunky derbies blending seamlessly with its unbranded, multifaceted clothing.

Shop the selection on the label’s website. For more sleek style, check out Dior Homme’s 2017 Black Carpet offering.