An Eminem super fan has set a new world record for the most portrait tattoos of a single musician.

Nikki Patterson, a nail technician in Scotland, claimed the Guinness World Record, as she inked in the final details of her 16th portrait of Eminem. While 16 of the 52 tattoos on her body are of Eminem, Nikki notes that 28 of them were inspired by the artist, like song lyrics, references to D12 and even illustrations of M&Ms. Speaking on her fixation on Slim Shady, the 35 expressed how the artist was “the one constant in [her] life.” She added, “I heard ‘Stan’ when I was 14 and had never heard anything like that before. It blew me away.” Patterson got all her tattoos within the span of three years.

Scroll below to see all the Eminem portraits tattooed on Nikki Patterson.

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