After linking up with Biig Piig for “Body and Soul”, Emotional Oranges has returned with their latest new track “Down to Miami” that features Becky G.

“This started off as a stripped guitar idea that we leaked on socials over a year ago”, says the R&B duo when reflecting on making the song. “We had a lot of fun re-imagining it with Becky, she’s been really inspiring to work with. Can’t wait until people get to see the creative and visuals we’re putting together.”

Electric guitar notes are audible on the opening seconds of the tune, and they’re eventually accompanied with smooth-hitting bass and occasional snare hit when V of Emotional Oranges starts off the first verse. A then jumps in to take care of the chorus where he croons, “Fly you out to Miami Break you down, down, down, Fly you out if you let me, Are you down, down, down?” Following this is Becky G who makes use of her sultry vocals and lays down her verse that alternates between English and Spanish lyrics.

When speaking on the new piece, Becky G stated, “Everyone who knows me knows I love a vibey record, and this is the kind of track I never grow tired of listening to. I was so excited to collaborate with Emotional Oranges and feel like we really brought our LA style down to Miami with this one.”

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