Shortly after dropping the sentimental track “Sundays”Emotional Oranges reveals their latest project and follow-up to their debut EP with The Juice Vol. II.

The mysterious R&B duo has been gaining momentum for their hypnotic melodies and unconventional identity, leading to a sold-out world tour. Simply known as “A” and “V,” the Los Angeles-based vocalists credit their experiences from performing live toward helping them develop their sound and lyrics on the new album.

“‘Vol. II’ embodies growth. We’ve learned to trust our instincts. Performing live helped open our eyes to experimenting with different grooves and rhythms. We really challenged ourselves during the writing process; more vulnerability, more intention. people always ask about our identities, but if you listen to these songs, you know us better than anyone,” shared A and V in a press release.

Stream The Juice Vol. II. below and catch the duo live at the Best Life music festival in December.

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