Meaning “a home” in Swedish, the Ett Hem Hotel is a hidden gem not far from the center of Stockholm. Originally built as a private residence, the hotel now offers twelve rooms, each with its own charm thanks to help from interior designer Ilse Crawford, who picked an eclectic mix of art and furniture to complement the structure’s inherent character. There’s also a spacious courtyard garden that’s like an oasis amongst the bustle of the city, a restaurant that uses the freshest local ingredients available and changes its menu daily to fit, and plenty of shared communal space where you can mingle with other guests or just relax by yourself with a glass of something tasty and a good book.Located in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel between mainland Tasmania and Bruny Island, Satellite Island is a private escape getaway unspoiled by the likes of the public. The whale-shaped landmass takes around an hour and a half to walk around, whether you’re on the high path, or walking the ancient rock shelf at low tide. You can stay at the Summer House, which has room for 12 guests, or enjoy proximity to the water at the more intimate Boathouse — the choice is yours, since you have the entire island to yourself. No matter where you rest your head, you’ll be welcomed with a bottle of champagne and a bucket of oysters, and can avail yourself of the free-range eggs, garden, and fruits of the sea, or have the caretaker Richard run you into town for more traditional fare like wallaby burgers and fries.Set atop a peak over a mile above sea level, the Starlight Room is a one-of-a-kind accommodation that offers unsurpassed views of the surrounding Dolomites and the night sky. The views are enabled by a bed that’s surrounded by glass on four sides, including the ceiling, so you can look up to see a view unpolluted by nearby lighting. There’s a small TV, a heating/cooling system, and speakers, and you get a four-course dinner, complete with wine, as well as a light breakfast included with the room. But it’s really the views and the feeling of isolation — as well as the exciting journey in on snowmobile, snowshoes, or fat bikes — that’s the attraction here.Photos:

Giacomo Pompanin / Rifugio Col Gallina