For its latest collaboration, French label Ètudes has teamed up with American director Gus Van Sant to produce a limited edition sweatshirt. The piece is a tribute to Mala Noche, Van Sant’s directorial debut which was released 30 years ago in 2018 and the oversized crewneck features a printed image of the film’s original poster.

 To mark the collaboration, Van Sant sat down with the team behind Ètudes to discuss his work and why he wanted to celebrate Mala Noche with this release. You can read some of the highlights from that interview below.

On why Mala Noche is so important to him:

“It’s still the only film that I have made with a small crew, and the only one that I drew a storyboard for the entire film, so it looks very different from the films that follow. Its theme of mixed race community and exploitation of different power, sexual, monetary, privilege are still very important.”

On the idea behind his work:

“I think I am usually making films about people searching for a place, finding the place in a group of temporary friends.”

On his photography work:

“I think a still photograph encourages the imagination to fill out where it is and what the action is. And in a film, it’s all done for you.”

You can read the full interview on the Ètudes website, where the sweatshirt is also available to pick up for €250 EUR (approx. $295 USD). In other fashion news, take a look at Kinfolk’s recently unveiled its Fall/Winter 2017 collection.

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