With more than 3 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus, the U.S. is the country with the highest number in the world, which has caused traveling issues for many Americans. In late June, the European Union decided to reopen its borders to 15 different countries, with the United States being omitted from the list, which is reviewed every two weeks. Now, a month later, CNN has reported that the U.S. continues to be omitted, with only a handful of countries still keeping their borders completely open to the country’s citizens.

More specifically, only nine countries currently allow American travelers to enter without any form of restriction, including Albania, Dominican Republic, Kosovo, Maldives, Mexico, North Macedonia, Serbia, Tunisia, and Turkey. Another 23 countries — including the United Kingdom, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Croatia and Cambodia — will allow U.S. citizens to enter with various restrictions and requirements in place, such as mandatory COVID-19 testing and mandatory quarantine periods.

For the full list of countries you may access with or without restrictions, head over to CNN.

In other coronavirus-related news, Nike has pulled out of its Goodyear facility citing the economic impact of the coronavirus.

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