Filipino singer, songwriter and occasional rapper Eyedress is back with a new music video for his single “Last Time I’m Falling in Love” directed Bobby Astro (a frequent collaborator with Zack Fox and Father). Back in February he premiered his title track from his upcoming album Let’s Skip to the Wedding, celebrating Valentine’s Day with a visual of a runaway bride.

The new project is the artist’s first since moving from Manila to Los Angeles in 2018. The themes of love continue here but the album also focuses on his current maturation period as he prepares for fatherhood. The visual opens up with Eyedress playing the role of a getaway driver as his chorus of “I’m running from the cops” echoes in the background.” The car then disappears and he and his fellow robbers hover above the ground. Astro utilizes vintage black and white grain for a vintage, dream-like effect as Eyedress floats in and out of consciousness.

Watch the full visual above and stream his recently released Don’t Dial 911 EP below. His next album, Let’s Skip to the Wedding, will release on August 7 via Lex Records and will feature an expansive 19 songs. In more music news, YG dedicated his latest “Swag” music video to ex-NFL quarterback turned civil rights activist Colin Kaepernick.

Let’s Skip to the Wedding Tracklist
1. Let’s Skip To The Wedding
2. Skateboarding Day
3. Never Want To Be Apart
4. Can I See You Tonight?
5. Romantic Lover
6. X-Girl
7. I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend
8. Jealous
9. Last Time I’m Falling In Love
10. Pop The Question
11. Happy Hour
12. Trauma
13. My Girl The Finest
14. Never Been To Prom
15. Mystical Creatures Best Friend
16. Pick Up Your Phone
17. Self Improvement
18. Kiss Me Like It’s The Last Time
19. Anything For You

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