Faulkner Architects, the firm behind the imposing Lookout House, is famed for its environmentally-conscious design approach and appreciation for rugged, textured steel facades. Miner Road House is indicative of this approach, a 2017 build that drew enough acclaim — including an AIACC Honor Award — to be memorialized in a new tome, Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers’ latest Masterpiece Series book.

Miner Road House: Faulkner Architects (Masterpiece Series) features rich color and monochrome photographs that document the construction process and finished residence, accompanied by text from Rick Joy, Renee Chow and Thomas Chastain. The sustainable, zero-net Miner Road House is at the core of the work, with lush imagery showcasing the Corten steel-wrapped concrete building, homey interior and surrounding oak trees. Also included in the book is a plethora of sketches, plans and commentary from the architects that provides insight to the decisions that shaped the Oakland Hills home’s creation, from its repurposed fireplace to the client’s desire to remain in tune with the immediate environment.

Learn more about the project on Faulkner Architects’ website and purchase the Miner Road House: Faulkner Architects (Masterpiece Series) book on Amazon now.

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