The full numbers for the box office debut of Justice League, one of this month’s most anticipated movies has arrived, and they aren’t quite what industry insiders expected.

With a new trailer and even a Mercedes-Benz AMG Gran Turismo promotion capping off a strong campaign, Justice League has ended up with some disappointing sales. As many media outlets have reported, the superhero flick pulled in $279 million USD for its worldwide opening; the international box office realm accounted for $185 million USD of those figures. The sales come as a disappointment for Warner Bros.; the company was banking on international box office numbers that easily exceeded $200 million USD. The one notable bright side: viewed on 765 Imax screens, Justice League racked up the best November opening ever for an Imax-screened production — generating $13.7 million USD for that format.

Next up, let’s see how well films like Wonder Woman 2, Deadpool 2 and Rampage fare.

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