Ford-owned electric scooter company Spin is testing out a new model of scooters, the S-200, that can be remotely controlled to address the problem of e-scooters blockading busy sidewalks.

Spin is working alongside software start-up company, Tortoise, to deploy a special feature to its latest generation of scooters. The last technology, Spin Valet allows the scooters to automatically move between locations by remote operators. Each scooter is outfitted with sensors, and through Tortoise’s software, utilizes the scooters’ front and rear built-in cameras to help guide the scooter through sidewalk and street traffic. As the scooter makes its way to its designated location, the scooter would appear to be traveling on its own to passers-by.

With this new feature, Spin Valet will eventually allow users to call a scooter to their location, either in advance of a trip or as they are looking for a ride. Similar to calling a car via Uber, the technology resembles that of scheduling a pickup. Some point down the line, Spin hopes to expand its technological capabilities and program the scooters to automatically move to nearby charging stations.

300 S-200 scooters will hit Boise, Idaho this spring. Spin worked with Segway to design the latest model, which features three-wheel drive and three independent braking systems. The design adds turn signals to its handlebars, as well as near the rear wheel, providing better safety riding on the S-200. Should the roll-out be a success, Spin plans to bring its scooters to other markets across North America and Europe.

Check out how it works in the video above.

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