Massively successful battle royale game title Fortnite has just released the gameplay trailer for its Star Wars collaboration. Previously, fans got a taste of the crossover with a special event and now die-hard devotees will get to experience some of the action.

In the gameplay trailer above, the footage shows TIE Fighters crashing into the infamous island and how players can explore these areas. With Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron as the leading heroes, players can battle Stormtroopers to acquire their Blasters or pick up a Lightsaber and engage in a laser swordfight with others. There are numerous more in-game Star Wars challenges tact on but it looks like the Lightsaber weapon is the biggest draw. More skins have now been added as well.

Watch the trailer above and play Fortnite soon to experience this momentous event. In other gaming news, see the Godfall trailer, Playstation 5’s first officially confirmed game.

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