To commemorate its 35th birthday, watch brand G-Shock is diving into its associations with sports, arts, music and fashion to launch the “We the Gs” campaign. Built around mysterious live activations, limited collaboration pieces and graffiti installations, the campaign will see 35 representatives from Singapore showcasing different facets of street culture as well as an exclusive collaboration between G-Shock and a high profile graffiti artist. Tapping into anime influences, the campaign will highlight the Japanese roots of the brand, by blending this style with a street-inspired aesthetic to create “Cool Nipponica” visuals.

Launching on September 13, the campaign will also feature a competition element, where fans will be tasked with guessing the identity of the various masked collaborators. Winners will be rewarded with an exclusive anniversary watch designed by the artists. To discover more, check out the video above, take a look at the anniversary models and head to the G-Shock site.

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