Guadalajara, Mexico-based artist Gabriel Rico recently opened his first ever US show in New York. Dubbed “The Discipline of the Cave,” the monumental exhibition features two site-specific installations.

Drawing on Rico’s interest in the relationship between humans and nature, the works serve as surreal expressions of the current state of the environment. The first installation is a new body of work is made up of ceramic sculptures of nature and cartoon-like objects that create a parallel reality to express the fragmentation of the human body is possible. Taking humans out of the world, the second work is centered around an idyllic scene of taxidermied animals looking towards a lamp that signifies the sun.

Take a look inside Gabriel Rico’s “The Discipline of the Cave” exhibition at Aspen Art Museum on until June 16 above.

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Aspen Art Museum
637 E Hyman Ave
Aspen, CO 81611

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