Following the release of their critically acclaimed album, Gang Starr returns with visuals for their new single “Bad Name,” featuring appearances from Spice Adams and the late rapper Guru’s son Keith Casim. The track comes from the group’s first project in over 15 years, One of the Best Yet, in which the lyrics suggest “if Big and Pac were still here, some of these weirdos wouldn’t act so cavalier.”

The video above features Guru’s son Keith Elam performing his late father’s verse. He even cuts off his dreads in order to look and connect with his father further for the occasion. The footage also begins with a skit of Spice Adams doing his imitation of an oldhead answering his Bluetooth, even calling DJ Premier Chuck throughout the video.

“I initially wanted “Bad Name” to be the first single that officially brought Gang Starr back,” Premier commented. “Since the inception of video music channels I have always paid very close attention to the direction and production elements. I love coming up with concepts, and I already had a vision for “Bad Name.” I wanted a fun video with Spice Adams and for Guru’s son (Keith Casim) to play his father in the video—and then never do that again. We ended up going with “Family and Loyalty” with J. Cole as the first single and it worked out perfectly, as Keith was able to get more comfortable being in front of the camera and used to the process”

Check out the video above and stream Gang Starr’s One of the Best Yet project now.

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