Back in 2019, Ghostly International and Miffy teamed up for an apparel and accessories collection featuring the beloved Dick Bruna character. The pair have reconnected to celebrate Miffy’s 65th birthday with a new capsule that includes tees, shorts, a polo, a hoodie, a blanket and pin. The capsule pays homage to Bruna’s creative vision and Miffy’s testament to the universal powers of simplicity, sincerity and playfulness.

The collection seamlessly merges the Dutch artist’s rabbit figure with Ghostly’s Ghost logo. Black and white tees and hoodies feature images of Miffy reading, dancing beneath ghostly figures or hiding behind the Ghost. In addition to the co-branded graphics, a polo shirt and shorts are embroidered with a collaborative Miffy and Ghost logo. A reversible blanket and pin round out the collection.

“Miffy has to do very little to spark emotion,” says Ghostly founder Samuel Valenti IV. “We’ve always admired the character and in many ways, have modeled our approach to art and artifice with her spirit in mind. For Ghostly’s first ten years, we had our own illustrated mascots, Michael Segal’s BoyCatBird, who lived in comic strips, music videos, even toys. So it feels like we’re coming full circle now to have the chance to work with a founding inspiration and one of the great characters of the modern era.”

Take a closer look at the 65th anniversary capsule in the slideshow above. The entire collection is available to purchase now on Ghostly International’s website.

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