Need more luxury AirPods cases in your life? No? Fair enough. Even still, Good Art HLYWD‘s latest creation is worth a look, if for no other reason than to marvel at the Los Angeles-based brand’s stunning silverwork and appreciably rugged take on the omnipresent accessory.

Crafted from sterling silver, each “Fancy Pods” case is handmade at Good Art HLYWD’s LA foundry, ensuring that each piece has the slight variations you’d expect from a bespoke piece of jewelry. Seemingly inspired by an old matchbox (if the product’s URL is to be believed), the sturdy metal shell wraps the delicate Apple accessories with a floral motif and lifts open at the top like a conventional case. A loop at the corner allows the wearer to dangle their case from a carabiner or clasp (perhaps also sourced from Good Art HLYWD) for easy access.

The special AirPods cases are available at Good Art HLYWD’s web store for $650 USD.

Good Art HLYWD recently connected with its friends at Goodfight for adorable Halloween jewelry and a tee.

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