Hasbro has just announced a new series of Marvel Legends action figures themed off of the antihero Venom character. Arriving as the symbiote’s hosts are the characters Venom, Carnage, Miles Morales, Ghost Spider, Phage and Morbius.

Each of the six-inch figures come with accessories, and parts to complete this series’ build-a-figure Character — Venompool. Each figure will come packaged with either the limbs, torso or head of Venompool, where when formed together, the final Venompool action figure will stand double the size of the six-inch figures — think of it as buying five figures and getting one XXL character for free.

Each figure is limited to two per customer and can be pre-ordered over at Hasbro Pulse for $19.99 USD.

In other design news, over 150 capsule toy machines have been installed in Tokyo’s Akihabara station.

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