Ahead of the weekend, we have another installment of our HBX Select series that highlights the top offerings that help make up HBX’s newest arrivals. Combing through the latest releases, we have picked out some of the best wares and accessories of the week.

Leading this week’s list is the functional Stone Island One Zip Pocket Shirt coming in a camel tone, hybrid design Sponge Sweat/MA-1 Pullover from sacai and the graphic focus Heart Long Sleeve T-Shirt from HUMAN MADE. Perfect casual options for your bottoms selection are NEEDLES‘ Velour Narrow Track Pants marked by a purple/white side stripe detail and RHUDE‘s wide silhouette Fighter Flight Shorts. Rounding up the selection is the easy to incorporate clover design Stüssy Stock Club Low Pro Cap, everyday carry ready ADER error Wilde Backpack and the playful Chinatown Market Smiley Glow-in-the-Dark Basketball.

Stone Island One Zip Pocket Shirt

[shoppable brand=”Stone Island” product=”One Zip Pocket Shirt” link=”https://hypb.st/yp5s4″ store=”HBX” price=”$439 USD”]


Buy Now: $439 USD at HBX

sacai Sponge Sweat/MA-1 Pullover

[shoppable brand=”sacai” product=”Sponge Sweat/MA-1 Pullover” link=”https://hypb.st/k7lte” store=”HBX” price=”$561 USD”]


Buy Now: $561 USD at HBX

HUMAN MADE Heart Long Sleeve T-Shirt

[shoppable brand=”HUMAN MADE” product=”Heart Long Sleeve T-Shirt” link=”https://hypb.st/mzinw” store=”HBX” price=”$150 USD”]


Buy Now: $150 USD at HBX

NEEDLES Velour Narrow Track Pants

[shoppable brand=”NEEDLES” product=”Velour Narrow Track Pants” link=”https://hypb.st/r490m” store=”HBX” price=”$330 USD”]


Buy Now: $330 USD at HBX

RHUDE Fighter Flight Shorts

[shoppable brand=”RHUDE” product=”Fighter Flight Shorts” link=”https://hypb.st/o28yj” store=”HBX” price=”$470 USD”]


Buy Now: $470 USD at HBX

Stüssy Stock Club Low Pro Cap

[shoppable brand=”Stüssy” product=”Stock Club Low Pro Cap” link=”https://hypb.st/9fi2b” store=”HBX” price=”$51 USD”]


Buy Now: $51 USD at HBX

ADER error Wilde Backpack

[shoppable brand=”ADER error” product=”Wilde Backpack” link=”https://hypb.st/4qs9z” store=”HBX” price=”$365 USD”]


Buy Now: $365 USD at HBX

Chinatown Market Smiley Glow-in-the-Dark Basketball

[shoppable brand=”Chinatown Market” product=”Smiley Glow-in-the Dark Basketball” link=”https://hypb.st/azw43″ store=”HBX” price=”$75 USD”]


Buy Now: $75 USD at HBX

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