Ahead of the weekend, we have another installment of our HBX Select series that highlights the top offerings that help make up HBX’s newest arrivals. Combing through the latest releases, we have picked out some of the best wares and accessories of the week.

Leading this week’s list is the heat map tie-dye detail PLEASURES Eclipse Embroidered Hoodie, illustration graphic marked Stüssy Bad Dream Crewneck Sweatshirt and military functional F-LAGSTUF-F Jungle Fatigues Pants. Other standouts include the low-profile UNDERCOVER Destroy Cap, mastermind WORLD‘s Open Heel Socks and WACKO MARIA‘s latest Vans OG Authentic LX collaboration. Rounding up the selection is the YEENJOY STUDIOS Basketball Vase for incense diffusion and Kinto Pour Over Kettle perfect for tea or a cup of coffee.

PLEASURES Eclipse Embroidered Hoodie

[shoppable brand=”PLEASURES” product=”Eclipse Embroidered Hoodie” link=”https://hypb.st/uf6xa” store=”HBX” price=”$110 USD”]


Buy Now: $110 USD at HBX

Stüssy Bad Dream Crewneck Sweatshirt

[shoppable brand=”Stüssy” product=”Bad Dream T-Shirt” link=”https://hypb.st/35s76″ store=”HBX” price=”$55 USD”]


Buy Now: $55 USD at HBX

F-LAGSTUF-F Jungle Fatigues Pants

[shoppable brand=”F-LAGSTUF-F” product=”Jungle Fatigues Pants” link=”https://hypb.st/uhj80″ store=”HBX” price=”$310 USD”]


Buy Now: $310 USD at HBX


[shoppable brand=”UNDERCOVER” product=”Destroy Cap” link=”https://hypb.st/vues1″ store=”HBX” price=”$250 USD”]


Buy Now: $250 USD at HBX

mastermind WORLD Open Heel Socks

[shoppable brand=”mastermind WORLD” product=”Open Heel Socks” link=”https://hypb.st/mx06b” store=”HBX” price=”$75 USD”]


Buy Now: $75 USD at HBX

WACKO MARIA x Vans OG Authentic LX

[shoppable brand=”WACKO MARIA” product=”Vans OG Authentic LX” link=”https://hypb.st/480ef” store=”HBX” price=”$126 USD”]


Buy Now: $126 USD at HBX


[shoppable brand=”YEENJOY STUDIOS” product=”Basketball Vase” link=”https://hypb.st/xad37″ store=”HBX” price=”$280 USD”]


Buy Now: $280 USD at HBX

Kinto Pour over Kettle

[shoppable brand=”Kinto” product=”Pour over Kettle” link=”https://hypb.st/fr6ub” store=”HBX” price=”$185 USD”]


Buy Now: $185 USD at HBX

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