Ahead of the weekend, we have another installment of our HBX Select series that highlights the top offerings that help make up HBX’s newest arrivals. Combing through the latest releases, we have picked out some of the best wares and accessories of the week.

Leading this week’s list is FOSTEX GARMENTS’ unpadded Vintage Wash Camo Bomber Jacket, Duality Cloth Working Blazer from MEANSWHILE, wide sitting MAHARISHI U.S. Viet Sunpants and breezy RHUDE Yachting Shorts. Moving beyond just apparel are the Track Line Shower Sandals from NEEDLES and retaW x fragment design Lip Balm. Rounding up the selection is the Mighty Jaxx‘s XXRAY Plus: Luffy vinyl figure and official Coffee Mug from HYPEBEANS.

FOSTEX GARMENTS Vintage Wash Camo Bomber Jacket

[shoppable brand=”FOSTEX GARMENTS” product=”Vintage Wash Camo Bomber Jacket” link=”https://hbx.com/men/brands/fostex-garments/vintage-wash-camo-bomber-jacket-grey-camo” store=”HBX” price=”$260 USD”]


Buy Now: $260 USD at HBX

MEANSWHILE Duality Cloth Working Blazer

[shoppable brand=”MEANSWHILE” product=”Duality Cloth Working Blazer” link=”https://hbx.com/men/brands/meanswhile/duality-cloth-working-blazer” store=”HBX” price=”$560 USD”]


Buy Now: $560 USD at HBX

MAHARISHI U.S. Viet Sunpants

[shoppable brand=”MAHARISHI” product=”U.S. Viet Sunpants” link=”https://hbx.com/men/brands/maharishi/u-s-viet-sunpants-black” store=”HBX” price=”$275 USD”]


Buy Now: $275 USD at HBX

RHUDE Yachting Shorts

[shoppable brand=”RHUDE” product=”Yachting Shorts” link=”https://hbx.com/men/brands/rhude/yachting-shorts” store=”HBX” price=”$470 USD”]


Buy Now: $470 USD at HBX

NEEDLES Track Line Shower Sandals

[shoppable brand=”NEEDLES” product=”Track Line Shower Sandals” link=”https://hbx.com/men/brands/needles/track-line-shower-sandals” store=”HBX” price=”$117 USD”]


Buy Now: $117 USD at HBX

retaW x fragment design Lip Balm

[shoppable brand=”retaW” product=”fragment design Lip Balm” link=”https://hbx.com/men/brands/retaw/retawxfragment-design-lip-balm-black” store=”HBX” price=”$15 USD”]


Buy Now: $15 USD at HBX


[shoppable brand=”HYPEBEANS” product=”Coffee Mug” link=”https://hbx.com/men/brands/hypebeans/hypebeans-coffee-mug-white” store=”HBX” price=”$32 USD”]


Buy Now: $32 USD at HBX

Mighty Jaxx XXRAY Plus: Luffy

[shoppable brand=”Mighty Jaxx” product=”XXRAY Plus: Luffy” link=”https://hbx.com/men/brands/mighty-jaxx/xxray-plus-luffy” store=”HBX” price=”$199 USD”]


Buy Now: $199 USD at HBX

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